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Don't look at me, look at the cool downloads! Since v1.0.0 the MilkyTracker binaries and source code are available for download from the GitHub release page. Older versions will remain on this page.

Available in these distributions:

Old Binaries (v0.90.86):

Older Binaries (0.90.85):

Even Older Binaries (0.90.80):


Often requested, here are sounds, samples and instruments for use in MilkyTracker. Hosted by the illustrious


More songs made with MilkyTracker:

source stream
Decibelter – Cosmic 'Wegian Mamas ZIP/XM MP3
Decibelter – Where's Space ZIP/XM MP3
Mr.Lou – Moments ZIP/XM MP3
raina – Cyberculosis ZIP/XM MP3
Skyrunner – Keelhauled But Happy ZIP/XM MP3
Skyrunner – Synthesized Samurai ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Delusional ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Strobefluxian4 ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Tawny the Gnome ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe & Rebb – Melonia ZIP/XM MP3
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Some Rights Reserved All music is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.