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Don't look at me, look at the cool downloads! The MilkyTracker source code is available for download from the GitHub release page:

MAC users: feel free to provide us extra builds here or donate so we can get an apple account:

mac arch workaround
x86_64 right-click > Open on first launch to bypass developer cannot be verified
x86_64 + arm64 run xattr -d /Applications/

Available in these distributions:

Packaging status

Old Binaries (v0.90.86):

Older Binaries (0.90.85):

Even Older Binaries (0.90.80):


Often requested, here are sounds, samples and instruments for use in MilkyTracker. Hosted by the illustrious


Did you know you can mount as a network-drive and load million songs into milkytracker directly? In windows just enter when adding a network-drive in explorer, or mount using rclone on Linux.

More songs made with MilkyTracker:

source stream
Decibelter – Cosmic 'Wegian Mamas ZIP/XM MP3
Decibelter – Where's Space ZIP/XM MP3
Mr.Lou – Moments ZIP/XM MP3
raina – Cyberculosis ZIP/XM MP3
Skyrunner – Keelhauled But Happy ZIP/XM MP3
Skyrunner – Synthesized Samurai ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Delusional ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Strobefluxian4 ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe – Tawny the Gnome ZIP/XM MP3
Strobe & Rebb – Melonia ZIP/XM MP3
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Some Rights Reserved All music is licensed under the
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.