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Jun 5, 2008

Port round-up

Since the release of MilkyTracker v0.90.80 as open source, new software distributions have been adopting it at a steady pace. The long-awaited Ubuntu package is also out already, and has been for a while too! Yeah, we didn’t know either for quite some time, due to a delay on the package search page we were monitoring. Other distributions that nowadays offer MilkyTracker include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) Arch Linux, Debian, Enlisy, FreeBSD, Gentoo, NetBSD and SUSE. Let us know if there’s more.

Varthall’s port for Amiga OS 4 was done in due time and we’re awaiting to hear about more positive developments from the Amiga front. Also, by request, a G3 compatible OS X version was built. “I found a new use for my old white iBook: tracking! It’s now called MilkyBook. :)”, commented satisfied user azer4.

We would like to remind people that if they’re doing something interesting with the source code, please let us know so we can spread the news. That’s about it, nothing big, but at least I got to clean up the news page a little. ;)