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Jul 30, 2020

Domain renewal

A couple of years ago I was contacted by the owner of the domain name, who after some time had a change of heart and kindly decided to help us out one last time by transferring ownership of the domain to us. We really appreciate this, and I am thrilled that we can now keep this domain maintained and pointing to the project we all love, and so for that, you have our sincere gratitude. Thankyou!

Since then, I have gladly been renewing this domain when it expired, and whilst it isn’t a huge amount of money, it’s something, and when the expiry date drew nearer this year, I thought I’d reach out to the community for help with the costs.

The response has been absolutely phenomenal, and I was amazed by the generosity of MilkyTracker’s users and supporters.

I’m delighted to announce that as of today, has now been renewed for 5 years, and we won’t need to worry about the domain until the 23rd of August, 2025!

Our sincere thanks go out to all who donated to the domain fund, including:

We can also be equally grateful to the supporters who preferred to stay anonymous, so many thanks to you too - please get in touch if I’ve made a mistake and you’d like to be added to the list!

Finally, we have made some changes to how our domains are set up:

We hope you are all doing well during this strange and disruptive year with the pandemic and all, so stay safe and keep on tracking!